End-to-End Ethernet
Connectivity Bundle
Flexible configurations for 25/50/100Gb Ethernet

Introducing a complete end-to-end Ethernet connectivity bundle for 25GbE, 50GbE, and even 100GbE.

With support ranging from 32 x 100GbE up to 64 x 25/50GbE ports, or a combination of 25GbE/50GbE/100GbE ports, the bundle from Mellanox includes a switch, four adapters, cables and support - all from a single vendor ensuring fast deployment as well as quality and support at every point in your data center environment.

This bundle will enable you to:
  • Experience data at speeds of 100GbE, accelerate your applications
  • Connect compute, database and storage with fast, non-blocking switch footprint
  • Evaluate OpenStack and more using Mellanox various plug-ins and Mellanox NEO Software
  • Experience VXLAN tunneling technology for cloud setups
  • Accelerate storage protocols like iSCSI, iSER and RDMA (RoCE)

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Mellanox Ethernet solutions provide the highest bandwidth and availability all with maximum efficiency and superior infrastructure ROI. Mellanox provides the best customer experience with easy installation and management, all with seamless integration and support.

The Ethernet bundle is sold through authorized Mellanox partners worldwide. Please fill out the form to the right so we can connect you to a partner in your area.