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The Shift to 4K Starts With Mellanox

For live broadcasting, content distribution and post production alike, Mellanox’s leading IP-based technologies enrich the video experience and brings the audience and content closer together.

The move from HD to 4K/UHD, 8K & HDR not only shows the need for absolute bandwidth, but also shows the inability of the current proprietary technology (SDI) & traditional Fibre Channel storage to deliver. Driven by their need to have the underlying hardware innovate at their speed, the media & entertainment industry is now transitioning to a converged Ethernet fabric for both their application and the storage, an open standard that has been powering the datacenters for decades. For GPU intensive applications, GPU-Direct on InfiniBand can provide an unparalleled high performance solution.

Mellanox empowers our customers to create, process and deliver contents quickly with the next-gen IP networking.