Ethernet Software Overview

Current OS Vendor Support

Mellanox Ethernet drivers, protocol software and tools are supported by respective major OS Vendors and Distributions Inbox or by Mellanox where noted. Mellanox also supports all major processor architectures.

Mellanox MTNIC Ethernet driver support for Linux, Microsoft Windows and VMware ESXi are based on the
ConnectX® family of Ethernet adapters supporting 1, 10, 25, 40, 50 and 100 Gb/s.


Ethernet Software/Drivers Quick Links
Description OS Support Release Notes
Mellanox EN for Linux OS Support v4.3-
Mellanox OFED for FreeBSD OS Support v2.1.6: ConnectX-3
v3.4.0: ConnectX-4
Mellanox OFED for Windows (WinOF-2) OS Support v1.90
Mellanox OFED for Windows (WinOF) OS Support v5.40 for Windows Server 2016
v5.35 for Server OS
v5.35 for Client OS
ConnectX® Driver for VMware® ESXi Server OS Support v4.16.10.3
Mellanox FlexBoot   v3.5.403: ConnectX-4/ConnectX-5
v3.4.746: ConnectX-3
HPC-X - v2.1