RMA Request Form

In order to return your product to Mellanox Technologies for repair or replacement you must first obtain an RMA, according to Mellanox RMA policy.

To check your Mellanox part serial number RMA coverage and review your warranty status and eligibility, click

To save you time and the trouble of submitting a redundant RMA Request, we kindly ask that you first review the recommended troubleshooting checklist

To obtain an RMA, please complete and submit the RMA Request Form below. For information on how to fill in the form, please read the RMA Request Form Guide or watch the RMA Tutorial.

Upon receipt of your RMA request, Mellanox will validate the Warranty status of the products based on the serial numbers provided and in its discretion issue an RMA Number.

A Mellanox Technical Support Engineer may contact you to troubleshoot the problem prior to the issuance of an RMA.

If this is an urgent matter requiring advanced replacement, please contact Mellanox Technical Support (detailed above) after submitting the RMA Request Form at Mellanox's web site.

After you have received an RMA from Mellanox you are responsible to return the products to Mellanox's designated repair facility, freight pre-paid by you, the customer, in accordance with the instructions set forth in the RMA. The products must be properly packaged to prevent damage while in transit. If available the original product packaging should be used for the return shipment. Please indicate the RMA Number on the outside of each package returned and on the packing list.

Mellanox will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship the repaired or replacement products to you freight pre-paid by Mellanox within 14 days from the receipt of the returned products at Mellanox's designated repair facility.

To check the status of your RMA, please email to: rma@mellanox.com or call Telephone Number: +1 (408) 916-0055 (USA)

If the returned products after examination are determined by Mellanox to be damaged while in transit or due to improper use or installation, a Repair Services Quotation will be returned to you by email. Mellanox in its sole discretion will determine if repair of the returned product is feasible. In some cases a No-Problem-Found ("NPF") fee may be required prior to the return shipment of the products from Mellanox's repair facility. The NPF Fee is $150 USD per HCA or $300 USD per Switch or Switch FRU. The NPF Fee does not include the cost of return shipping.

Click here for the full details of the Mellanox Standard Warranty.

For further assistance and information please contact Mellanox Technical Support at: support@mellanox.com or Telephone Number: +1 (408) 916-0055 (USA).