Smart Network Adapters - Overview

Mellanox smart adapter's family delivers the flexibility to accelerate a range of applications while leveraging ConnectX network controller hardware-based offloads and unmatched scalability, performance and efficiency.

Smart Programmable Adapters
BlueField SmartNIC

BlueField SmartNIC is a two-port 25Gb/s network adapter featuring the BlueField system-on-chip (SoC). The SmartNIC integrates the ConnectX®-5 network controller with Arm core processors, to deliver an innovative and high-performance programmable platform.
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Innova and Innova-2 Flex Ethernet Adapters

The Innova family of open and programmable platforms combines the industry-leading ConnectX network controller with an on-board FPGA, enabling maximum flexibility to boost application performance by migrating data processing logic to the FPGA. Innova accelerates a wide range of network applications, including Security, Deep Packet Inspection, Compression/Decompression, High-Frequency Trading, Artificial Intelligence, and many more.
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Smart Security Adapters
Mellanox Innova™ IPsec EN Ethernet Adapter

Innova IPsec network adapter integrates advanced network capabilities and crypto offloading in one card, utilizing only a single PCIe slot for both networking and crypto functions.
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