Heat Sink Solutions

Mellanox network products are designed for various markets and applications including hubs, switches, routers and adapters. Mellanox heat sinks are part-and-parcel of Mellanox’s end-to-end solutions that have been successfully deployed in thousands of Data Center and HPC applications across the globe, which use millions of Mellanox silicon devices and heat sinks.

Mellanox offers heat sinks that are especially designed for its adapter and switch silicon devices in order to guarantee the best thermal performance and product longevity. For adapter designs, Mellanox push pins allow for easy placement and for best contact pressure that yields higher heat-sink thermal efficiency. The springs of the push pins allow for resiliency in contact pressure that on the one hand holds the heat sink firmly onto the board, and on the other hand protects the underlying chip from excessive pressure that might damage it. The push-pins are also optimal for height-limited adapter boards.


  • Optimized for Mellanox adapter and switch silicon devices
  • Offered standalone or with Mellanox silicon devices
  • Innovative push-pin design for adapter heat sinks
  • Field proven (millions shipped)
  • Guarantee best performance
  • Mechanically robust and resilient
  • Qualified by Mellanox for best quality
  • Designed and verified for high-volume manufacture
  • RoHS and REACH compliant