mlxup - Mellanox Update and Query Utility

Mellanox offers two firmware tools to update and query adapter firmware:

  • mlxup - a Mellanox firmware update and query utility. The utility enables scanning the server machine for available Mellanox adapters and indicates whether firmware update is required for each adapter. To make it easier for our customers the mlxup can also automatically update the latest firmware either from the web, or use binaries provided locally.
    For other functionalities such as card configuration and binary creation, please use Mellanox Firmware Tools (MFT).
  • MFT - MFT package is a set of firmware management tools used to generate a standard or customized Mellanox firmware image, query for firmware information, and burn a firmware image.

  • Adapter and OS Support Matrix

    Adapter Cards Firmware Tool per Operating System
    Linux Windows FreeBSD VMware
    ConnectX®-3 mlxup mlxup mlxup mlxup
    ConnectX®-3 Pro mlxup mlxup mlxup mlxup
    ConnectX®-4 mlxup mlxup mlxup mlxup
    ConnectX®-4 Lx mlxup mlxup mlxup mlxup
    Connect-IB™ mlxup mlxup mlxup mlxup

    Note: For the latest firmware binaries, please refer to the various firmware webpages.